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On this site we hope to give you lots of useful information about biomass boilers. You can expect to read useful Q&A's about biomass boilers, learn about the long term care involved in having one, learn about how to source a good supplier and learn about how having a biomass boiler could benefit you.

If you're looking at investing in one of these incredible, planet friendly pieces of kit, you might already be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the advice available online. It is hard to know where to start, particularly when the market is so new and when you've no experience of having one before. Biomass boilers are increasing in popularity year on year and since the RHI (renewable heat incentive) was set up by the government, they have become even more popular.

Here are some useful biomass boiler Q&A's:

Why get one?

Although everybody benefits differently from a biomass boiler (depending on individual circumstances) generally the main benefits are the same from person to person.

There are;

●     You lower your carbon emissions - the biomass fuel you use can be regrown, fossil fuels cannot. Even if you're not particularly fussed about the environment, it's still great to know you're doing your bit with little effort.

●     You gain financially - you could be eligible for the RHI which means you will not only get savings on your fuel bills, but you will get money back from the government for investing in renewable energy. If you have looked into the scheme before you may have known it as the RHPP which closed when the RHI became available to both business owners and private homeowners.

●     Your annual fuel bills will be lower - although this does depend on the system you're switching from, you should save money on your energy bills overall. The fuel prices for a wood chip boiler or wood pellet boiler vary hugely, but they are still cheaper than fossil fuels overall, especially as the prices for fossil fuels continues to rise.

Do they cost a lot of money?

They're not cheap, but they are an excellent investment. A stove on its own could cost you under £5000, and a full system could cost you in excess of £15000. But you should see some of this money back in your bank account if you're eligible for the RHI scheme.

To read about the RHI incentive scheme, please visit the following link; https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/environmental-programmes/domestic-renewable-heat-incentive